Europe Travels with Scenic Tours

Budapest Parliament turning it on

What a massive journey the last month has been. We left for Europe mid March and traveled from Budapest in Hungary up the Danube River to Amsterdam. 14 days of filming and getting amongst all the action on the Scenic Tours trip filled with wild traveling Aussies. It was a lot of fun and we really got to see some incredible sites. Vienna was the winner for me, amazing buildings and culture and has held it’s age beautifully. It doesn’t feel like a tourist city even though there are lots of nationalities cruising around in tour groups.

One thing though, it was friggin cold. -7 degrees in some spots and the Australian jeans and jackets (thanks SABA) I took may have underestimated the bite factor. Anyway I got through it all and live to tell the tale. The stories are all airing on Channel Nine Mornings the week of the 29th April…yep right now….and I will post a link once they have all aired. I hope you enjoy!

Off to Canada and the US next. Bring it on!!