Blackfish Movie 2013

I went to check out the movie Blackfish last night in Sydney and wasn’t disappointed. It’s a good film and asks a lot of questions without being too one sided. It’s really tough coming from training at Sea World Australia with the dolphins and seeing this type of event that has happened, especially when a person or animal is injured or killed. There are always a lot of questions and from my side of things I have only ever experienced animal trainers that do their utmost to protect and give the animals in their care the best possible life. (I know this is not always the case but this has been my experience).

Animals in zoos and theme parks is not ideal and really who can dispute that, but as it was stated in the movie, the conservation and love we all have for these animals is partly/largely due to the fact that we have been able to see them and study them in close quarters at these locations. There are a lot of positives about having these types of establishments but the animals welfare HAS TO BE of top priority.

Give them the space, the social interactions, the care and the respect they deserve.

I would only work at an animal park I ethically agreed with and some of the places around the work need some serious adjustments. I believe in education and interaction but not to the detriment of an animals health and mental state.