Antarctique 2012 - 2013  IMG_3426

What a phenomenal experience! Antarctica is everything you could possibly dream of and then multiplied by 100.

I just got back from three weeks in Sth America and Antarctica for Channel 9 and Scenic Tours and it was the best destination I have been to in my life. It really had everything – sailing adventures across the Drake Passage in the Southern Ocean, dramatic landscapes and icebergs, huge changes in weather conditions, and the best part of course was the wildlife. I’m happy to say it’s like no where else on earth!

The great thing about Antarctica is that the animals don’t fathom you into their food chain or see you as a threat at all. It’s really strange at first having all these different animals, leopard seals, whales, penguins welcoming you into their daily lives without blinking an eyelid. They are more inquisitive about what you are and why you’re there. A life changing and incredible journey.

Videos coming soon.